Back. I Stand Corrected. All In.

Back. I Stand Corrected. All In.

Dear CCC Family,

Laurie and are back from our vacation. We had a great Christmas with almost all of our immediate family together for the first time in years. Then the highlight of our trip to Las Vegas was the marriage of our son, Luke, to Brittany Johnson. The wedding and reception were wonderful though it was much colder than usual in Las Vegas for that time of year. I will share some highlights of our 3,600 mile round trip drive from Memphis to Las Vegas and back in a van with 9 people going and 10 coming. The trip included a side trip to the Grand Canyon which had snow, also unusual for this time of year.

Oops. The next decade does not technically start unit 2021. Thanks for the correction. Still 2020 will be a big year and the start of a new chapter for Community Christian Church. A lot has changed since 1991 when we held our first service. Though the message never changes, different times require us to focus on different things that is certainly true now.

John kicked off our 2020 theme, All In, last Sunday. I will continue it this Sunday and talk about plans for 2020.

See you Sunday!


Coming in 2020.
In late January we will focus on God’s word through the 40 Days in the Word Campaign. The goal is to reignite and strengthen our passion for God’ Word. We will learn principles and skills so we are not just “hearers” of the Word, but also “doers” of the Word! Watch for more details.

2019 Christmas Offering Update
You gave $1,915.00 for the Christmas Offering this year. That money will be given to the Harvest for Christ Foundation for disaster relief.

Contribution Statements.
Charitable contribution statements will be available beginning January 19 and mailed to those who do not pick them up. If you do not receive one and want one, contact the church office.

Snow and Winter Weather
Our congregation is spread out throughout the NY metro area, from Long Island to New Jersey and Westchester to Staten Island. Thus, severe winter weather hits us hard especially since the people who lead and set up travel a distance. If the National Weather Service issues winter storm warnings that include statements that travel will be hazardous, please call the church office or check the church website to make sure we are still holding services.

Regular Sunday Schedule
11:00 am Sunday Gathering with a live translation of the message into Spanish via headsets.
12:30 pm Adult Bible Fellowships
2:00 pm French Service now meeting at 210 East 117th Street

Upcoming Events
Dec 29 – John Price Speaking
Jan 5 – Jeff Butler Speaking
Jan 12 – John Price Speaking
Jan 19 – Jeff Butler Speaking

Visit for volunteer schedules, prayer list, & statistics.