Back in Town. Retirement House. Fall Plans.

Back in Town. Retirement House. Fall Plans.

Dear CCC Family,

Laurie and I are back in NYC. We had a great time in Poland. To be honest before we left I wondered if we really needed to spend two weeks in Poland. The answer, no. We needed even more time there. We really enjoyed it and didn’t come close to seeing all we could. I will tell you about it some over the next few week.

I will retire in about five years, more or less. So we have been thinking about buying our future retirement house. We think we found it while on our trip to Poland. It has 360 rooms so there will be plenty of space for people to visit. The picture only shows half of it. We saw another home with 400 rooms, but we thought that might be too much.

On a more serious note, summer will soon be over and things will get back to normal at CCC. We will have a Guest Sunday on September 15 that we are promoting with a mailing to the neighborhood. We encourage you to take advantage of Guest Sunday and invite someone to join you at church. I will start a new series of messages, Overcome Your Inner Enemies, on that day that will be helpful to everyone, guest as well as regular attender. Our Adult Bible Fellowships will resume a September 22 and small groups will resume in September as well.

September also means that it is time to upgrade and improve what we do on Sundays. We are blessed to meet at PS 96. The school staff is cooperative and the rent is low. Still it is a school. Though not in bad condition, it could use some cleaning and tidying up every Sunday. The auditorium and cafeteria usually need sweeping and picking up. The restrooms could use a little cleaning and sprucing up. It would be nice to have more banners and displays in the lobby. Chairs for people to sit on in the lobby would be good too. We already have a few people who come early for set up. They work hard and do a great job. We need more like them. We need you. If you are willing to help us make a great first impression on all the guests we will have this fall, let me know by emailing me at or talking to me on Sunday.

See you Sunday!


Guest Sunday
Have you ever wanted to invite someone to church, but was not sure what Sunday would be good for that?  If you answered “Yes,” then Guest Sunday is right for you. September 15 will be Guest Sunday when we do the service with a special focus on guests. We always try to do things in a way that is welcoming and we will do it even more so on that day, taking extra time to explain things. The message will be for everyone, especially for guests. Take advantage of Guest Sunday to invite your friends and family to church with you.

Overcome Your Inner Enemies – Lessons for David’s Defeat of Goliath
The shepherd boy, David, defeating the the giant, champion warrior, Goliath is one of the greatest victories in history. David defeated his enemy with a sling and a stone, but before that David had to overcome his inner enemies of fear, doubt, resentment, and failure. Join us starting September 15 (Guest Sunday) as God teaches us from David’s victory how to overcome these and other inner enemies we face.

Regular Sunday Schedule
11:00 am Sunday Gathering with a live translation of the message into Spanish via headsets.
12:30 pm Adult Bible Fellowships (Taking a break for the summer.)
2:00 pm French Service

Upcoming Events
Aug 25 – Jeff Butler back
Sep 15 – Guest Sunday
Sep 22 – Adult Bible Fellowships Resume

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