Christmas Potluck Lunch. Visa News (Bad then Great).

Christmas Potluck Lunch. Visa News (Bad then Great).

Dear CCC Family,

This Sunday will be one of the year’s best. After worship, we fellowship together during our Annual Christmas Lunch. It has been a tradition for 28 years! Be sure to attend and bring some people with you.

Last night during our small group at Miguel’s and Valerie’s we received some bad news. Salomon and Caroline told us that their son, David, could not get an visa interview until January 23. That is a problem because school starts for him on January 7. The US embassy in the Congo had been closed for days due to a terrorist threat and so they had to process all those that had their interviews cancelled  first. During our small group prayer time, we prayed that God would do something. He did! I got an email this morning from David that he had been granted an expedited interview on Monday, December 17th. God is good! Now we just need give to the Christmas Offering so we can get him here. So far gifts are running behind past years, but we have more Sundays to get caught up so we can fly him here for school, and maybe Christmas.

See you Sunday! Come with a friend and an appetite for God and good food.


Movie Night Thank You.
We appreciate all those that made our movie night a success especially Jonathan Romulo who made the trip in from Queens to help us.

Angel Tree Thank You
Thank you Elba Rodriguez for leading our Angel Tree Project and to everyone who bought presents and helped with the party last Sunday. It was great!

2018 Christmas Offering
Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus. In the midst of giving gifts to friends, family, and coworkers we want to be sure to give one to Jesus as well. Though the post office does not deliver to heaven, Jesus says that we can give to Him by giving to “the least of these.” The Christmas Offering is a year-end giving initiative that focuses on doing just that. This year the Christmas Offering will be used to bring David Matasima, Salomon’s and Caroline’s son, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the United States to study at Lincoln Christian University to train for the ministry and to be safe from the violence in the Congo. David has been award a grant that will cover his tuition, room, and board for four years. That is great! There are still incidental costs such as books and fees, as well as the cost of a passport, visa, and airfare. David is also going to need winter clothes when he arrives here. The 2018 Christmas Offering will get David here and settled so he can study for the ministry. That sounds like a great Christmas gift for Jesus. 

Christmas Luncheon
CCC’s Christmas Potluck Luncheon, a favorite annual event, will be held on Sunday, December 16th after the morning service. All are invited to attend! Come with your favorite dish to share. We will not have access to ovens, all hot foods must already be cooked and brought to fit in warming trays

December 23 – Candles and Carols
Since we won’t have a Christmas Eve service this year, we will do the traditional candles and carols service with the Lord’s Supper added at 11 am on December 23. It will be a great Sunday to invite guest. Spanish translation will not be available for this service.

Upcoming Events
December 16 – Annual Christmas Potluck Lunch after the service
December 23 – Candles and Carols Service at 11 am
December 30 – Guest Speaker, Alex Lozada

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