Cook Out! Guest Speakers. Career Fair.

Cook Out! Guest Speakers. Career Fair.

Dear CCC Family,

We had a great start to our new membership plan last Sunday as the first group became members under it. More people will do so over the next few weeks. You can read about it below.

Laurie and I will be on vacation August 5-18. John Price will be speaking on August 11 and David Chicaguala on August 18. John and Heather, his wife, will be moving to NYC in the middle of September when he becomes our associate minister.

See you Sunday!


PS It is not too late to attend the Cook Out on Saturday. Read about it below.

Cookout – July 27
Crystal is hosting a cookout for CCC on Saturday, July 27, in the courtyard of her apartment building, 1787 Madison Avenue, from 12-5 pm. Hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, corn and snacks will be provided. If you’d like to attend, help, or bring anything, please sign up here.

Membership Sundays
As most of you know, we are making a transition in our membership policy. The new membership system will go into use on August 4. However, we are going to be recognizing people who have fulfilled the new membership requirements and signed the new Membership Agreement throughout the summer rather than do it all on August 4. People will be in and out during the summer and there are people who need to complete the Membership Class or get baptized to meet the requirements. They will be recognized as soon as they do so. Whether you become a member under the new system or not, you will always be loved and welcomed at CCC just like before.

Career Fair
There will be a Career Fair on Wednesday, July 31, from 11 AM to 2 PM at Taino Towers. 240 W. 123rd Street. It will be in the Crystal Ballroom on the fourth floor. It is sponsored by Congressman Adriano Esplaillat.

Regular Sunday Schedule
11:00 am Sunday Gather with translation of the message into Spanish
12:30 pm Adult Bible Fellowships (Taking a break for the summer.)
2:00 pm French Service

Upcoming Events
July 27 – Afternoon Cookout at Crystal’s Building.
Aug 11 – Guest Speaker – John Price
Aug 18 – Guest Speaker – David Chicaguala

Contact Us
(212) 875-8621

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