Fun and Health Fest. A Place to Belong. Parking.

Fun and Health Fest. A Place to Belong. Parking.

Dear CCC Family,

We were inspired by the band, “Guys on a Bus,” last Sunday. It was great to have new  people with us,. Still, I look forward to having our usual team leading this Sunday.

This Sunday will be a great one to bring a guest to. The message, “A Place to Belong,” will be good for both new people and those that have been around for a long time.

Invite some one and I will see you Sunday!


PS Join us on Saturday for the Fun and Health Fest. We can always use more volunteers and people to interact with the guests from our community.

Fun and Health Fest – This Saturday
Community Christian Church will hold a special outreach event, a Fun and Health Fest, this Saturday afternoon, September 9, from 3:30pm – 6:30pm. This outreach event is designed to encourage relationships between our guests and our church, and our guests and God. Outreach is more than simply getting families and children into our building. It is all about relationships. The Fun and Health Fest will have craft-based activities for children and health-focused activities for adults including Shazzy Fit.

Crystal Clear Christianity Starting September 17
On Sunday, September 17 we will start a series of message entitled Crystal Clear Christianity which will take us through the first part of the Book of Romans. It has been a while since we have gone through a book of the Bible in the Sunday service. It is important that we do that periodically. It ensures that there is balance in the teaching and that we are not avoiding some hard topics. The Book of Romans contains the clearest and most complete presentation of the Christian faith found in the Bible. That is why the series is called Crystal Clear Christianity. It will challenge us all.

If you parked in our parking lot, please fill out a parking registration form available in the lobby so we can contact you if you need to move your car. Please do not park next to the building. Those spaces are reserved for La Hermosa Christian Church.

Help for Houston
Lets continue to pray for Houston and all the areas in Texas and Louisiana impacted by Hurricane Harvey as well as Florida as it is now threatened by a hurricane. There are many organizations to which you can contribution to help. IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services) is one connect to our church. You can donate directly by going to their website ( You can also give on Sunday or through CCC’s online giving and designating it for HARVEY. IDES provides relief through local churches.

Adult Bible Fellowships
The Adult Bible Fellowships are gradually restarting in September.

  • A 10:00 am ABF led by Russell Kraft, The Complete Christian: Becoming What You Were Meant to Be.
    •  This ABF will start a new The Complete Christian Course on Sunday, September 17, entitled, “Course #4: Doing What You Were Meant to Do.” The courses do not need to be taken in order so anyone can join at any time.
  • A 11:30 am ABF led by Norma Lozada, The Book of JONAH: not just a fish story … important themes include God’s grace and mercy; rebellion and flight; wages of sin; compassion (or the lack of it); reaction to crisis and troubles; hatred and prejudice; second chance (and more). This group will start on September 17.  

Other ABFs will resumes soon too.

Small Groups
We have small groups that meet during the week. Some are taking a summer break and will resume in September. Others are still meeting.

  • Tuesday, 7:30 pm, at the church building, 5. W. 110th St. Starting Sept. 12
  • Wednesday, 11:00 am, at the church building, 5. W. 110th St. Starting Sept. 13
  • Wednesday, 7:00 pm, Central Park West and W. 110th St.
  • Friday, 7:30 pm, 44th St and Queens Blvd in Sunnyside, Queens.

Email,, or call 212 875-8621 for exact locations.

Future Events

  • Sat, Sept 9 – Fun and Health Fest
  • Sun, Sept 10 – A Place to Belong Message
  • Sun, Step 17 – Crystal Clear Christianity Series Begins (A study of the Book of Romans)
  • Fri, Sept 22 – Movie Night

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