Important Tuesday Update

Important Tuesday Update

Good Afternoon CCC Family,

God is good and faithful! John, William, Josiah, Claribel, and David did a great job for us last Sunday for our first online gathering. With less than 24 hours to prepare and only 2 hours to set up at the school, they got our Sunday online gathering off to a good start. It will get better each week. I appreciate all of them especially John who stepped up and preached with just a few hours notice. Saturday night, the mayor of my town in NJ said he wanted us all to self quarantine and only go out for food or medicine. I thought that was extreme at that time. But he went on TV to announce it so I thought I should follow his recommendation. Sunday afternoon he back tracked and said we could go to work and just be cautious and use good judgment. Well, that means I am free to come and go, at least for now. We will have to wait and see what new restrictions might be placed on us all in the future.

With the schools closed we will broadcast this Sunday’s gathering from our building on East 117th Street. I have been there the last two days getting it ready to use. Lord, willing we will be live from there this Sunday at 11 AM and I will share the message planned for last week.

Gathering together online at the same time is great! It is not as good as in person, but it helps a lot. The internet is a blessing. I use it to connect with my daughter, Amy, in Ukraine and my grandchildren in Memphis. I spent and hour Face-timing with then last Sunday evening. Of course, I would rather be with them in person, but seeing and hearing them is very meaningful. We don’t have the same level of interaction during our live Sunday gathering, but you can still post comments and interact with one another. Each person that comments, even if it is just to say they are present, inspires us all. Just knowing we are watching and listening together is encouraging.

We will be making additional use of the internet to stay connected and grow spiritual during this season. John Price is in charge of our social media ministry. We have already been encouraged by his posts and Worship Wednesday videos on Facebook. We will be doing more on Facebook Live. There will be talks, Bible studies, singing, and times of prayer. You do not have to have a Facebook account to watch because our Facebook page is a public page. Just go to to watch. I believe you need to have an account to comment, but not to watch. 

We will start our additional online events tonight at 7:00 pm. Our schedule for this week is listed below:

  • Tuesday – 7pm – Facebook Live with John as he shares how to serve others during this time of crisis.
  • Wednesday – 7pm – Facebook Live with William as he leads us singing songs of praise and encouragement.
  • Thursday – 7pm – Facebook Live Prayer with Jeff
  • Friday – 7pm – Facebook Live Prayer with John

None of us wanted this season of difficulty, but God will use it for good. The more we cooperate with him, the more good there will be. The light shines the brightest when it is the darkest and it is very dark right now. So let you light shine by showing faith not fear!

See you on Facebook until I can see you in person.