One Service at 10:45 am. Annual Meeting. We sold it.

One Service at 10:45 am. Annual Meeting. We sold it.

Dear CCC Family,

This Sunday afternoon we will hold our annual congregational meet at 12:30 pm. To increase participation we will have only one service this coming Sunday at 10:45 am. We will have refreshments after the service as usual and start the meeting at 12:30 pm. I want to encourage you to make an extra effort to join us at the meeting this year. There are important future plans to talk about and I want you fully informed.

We closed on the sale of 159 East 118th Street on Thursday. There was a little drama at the closing as the buyer wanted to change the terms, but God is faithful and we closed without any changes that affected us. I am SO glad the two real estate transactions are behind us. They took much more time and effort than I wanted or expected. However, I look forward to getting our building renovated, moving into the neighborhood where our church meets, and having a true physical presence in our community.

See you Sunday!


PS Don’t forget. The one service this Sunday is at 10:45 am.

This Sunday – One Service at 10:45 am
We will have one service next Sunday at 10:45 am due to the congregational meeting at 12:30 pm. The classes will not meet.

Annual Congregational Meeting
Our annual congregational meeting is this Sunday, February 11, at 12:30 pm. There will only be one service this Sunday at 10:45 am. We will affirm elders and trustees, review 2017, and discuss future plans.

Tuesday Night Bible Study
The Tuesday night Bible study meets at 7:30 pm at the church building. We are studying Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. Try to read the entire letter through once before this Tuesday

We will be baptizing people soon. If you are interested in being baptized or want to learn more, circle “B” at the bottom of your completed Communication Card.

Share What You Are Learning
Encourage others by sharing in the worship service what you are learning in your daily Bible reading. If you would like to know more about this, circle the “S” at the bottom of your completed Communication Card on Sunday or email

We need a few more people to be greeters on Sunday morning. If are interested in learning more about being a greeter, circle the “G” at the bottom of your completed Communication Card on Sunday or email

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Fellowships
Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) offer Bible instruction, discussion, friendship, prayer & service opportunities.

    • 10:00 am “Growing in Christ.” Led by Russell Kraft.
    • 11:30 am “The Gospel of John” – This gospel is simple, yet profound and deep: it was written that “you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His Name.” Led by Norma Lozada.
    • 11:30 am “The Gospel of John” in French. Led by Salomon Matasima.

Young Adult Bible Study on Sunday Afternoons
A young adult Bible study meets every Sunday at 1:30 pm at Crystal’s apartment across Fifth Avenue from the church building on 110th St. This will be an inductive style Bible study diving deep into the many Parables of Jesus. Please contact Crystal (, Jade, or Michiru for more information including the address. Light refreshments will be served.

Future Events
Sunday, February 11 – Annual Congregational Meeting at 12:3o pm. We will affirm elders and trustees, review last year, and discuss future plans.
Sunday, May 27 – Reunion Sunday

Visit for volunteer schedules, prayer list, & statistics.

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