Ordination. Vacation. Fall Plans.

Ordination. Vacation. Fall Plans.

Dear CCC Family,

We will ordain Salomon Matasima as part of the service this coming Sunday. Although he was already ordained in Congo, this will connect him to our church and facilitate his ministry in the United States.

Laurie and I will be on vacation August 5-18. We, along with my sister, Pat, will meet up with our daughter, Amy, to tour Poland. I will at church this coming Sunday, but will leave before the service is completely over so we can catch our ride to JFK.

John Price will be speaking on August 11 and David Chicaguala on August 18. John and Heather, his wife, will be moving to NYC in the middle of September when he becomes our associate minister.

It has been good to work through a book of the Bible in detail this summer. In the fall, I will start a series on overcoming our inner enemies such as fear, worry, etc. I will use David defeating Goliath as the overall context for how God enables us to defeat our inner enemies that stand in the way of His purposes in our lives. If there is specific inner enemy you would suggest I deal with, list it on the back of the Communication Card on Sunday or email it to office@cccnyc.org.

See you Sunday!


PS We have already introduce so many people to the congregation under the new membership system, that we will start introducing people as members as part of the Response Time.

Cookout Thank You
Thank you to Crystal for hosting the cook out last Saturday. We also appreciate her and everyone else that brought food and help with the setup and clean up. We had a great time!

Membership Sundays
CCC is transitioning to a new membership policy. We will recognize those who have fulfilled the new membership requirements and signed the Membership Agreement throughout the summer rather than do it all at once. People will be in and out during the summer and there are people who need to complete the Membership Class or get baptized to meet the requirements. They will be recognized as soon as they do so. Whether you become a member under the new system or not, you will always be loved and welcomed at CCC just like before.

Regular Sunday Schedule
11:00 am Sunday Gather with translation of the message into Spanish
12:30 pm Adult Bible Fellowships (Taking a break for the summer.)
2:00 pm French Service

Upcoming Events
Aug 11 – Guest Speaker – John Price
Aug 18 – Guest Speaker – David Chicaguala
Sept 15 – Back to Church Sunday

Contact Us
(212) 875-8621

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