Picnic Sign Up. 11:15am participation doubles.

Picnic Sign Up. 11:15am participation doubles.

Dear CCC Family,

We are having a picnic on Saturday, August 8. Please read about it below. Sign up if you plan to attend or even if you think you probably will. We need to choose a space large enough for our potential group size.

The number of people who watched our last morning gathering at 11:15am doubled last week. It is at ccnyc.online.church. That site is a better experience than Facebook and it is easier to interact with each other there. You can get a message outline and access to an online Bible too. It also has a simply button you can click to share that site with friends. We are now gathering there at 10:00am and 11:15am. If you haven’t been here, please give it a try this Sunday at either 10:00am or 11:15am. It is hard to know how many people watch our different online gatherings. As best we can tell, half of you watch on Facebook and half at ccnyc.online.church.

This week we will read chapter eight, Jesus and David, of Core52. The chapters can be read in any order so it is never too late to start reading with us. Go to cccnyc.org/core52 for more details.

Keep looking up. Jesus is always there.


PS I will be less visible this week. I will be taking a online seminar to help finish my thesis project to complete my Doctor of Ministry degree.

Resuming in Person Services
The tentative plan is to resume in person services on Sunday, August 23. A final decision will be made as we get closer to that date. We realize that many people are reluctant to resuming attending. That is completely understandable and we do not want anyone to feel pressured to attend. In fact, we won’t have space for everyone to attend. We will live stream the service and will need for most people to continue participating online. Some are ready to attend in person again and there are new people wanting to come. Therefore, we plan to resume on August 23. We will keep you up to date.

We will have a picnic on Saturday, August 8, from 12 noon to 4pm. We will be outside, practice social distancing, and wear masks so the risk will be low. Bring your own food and drink. Wear a mask. Bring a blanket/chairs for you and those you live with. We will meet in the northeast section of Central Park, near the entrance at 5th Ave and 110th Street. Please sign up for the picnic by clicking hereWe look forward to seeing you!

Four Sunday Online Gathering Options
– 10:00am cccnyc.online.church
– 11:00am Facebook or YouTube
– 11:15am cccnyc.online.church <——- NEW TIME
– 6:30pm Facebook

Invite someone to watch our Sunday gathering with you. It is a lot easier than inviting them to join you in person on a Sunday. They don’t have to leave home and they can wear their pajamas. Go here on Facebook. Then, share the post on your timeline or send it to a friend.

Weekday Online Schedule
We meet online for morning devotions Monday through Friday at 7:30 am. These devotions will be a little different this week but we will still have them. On Wednesday evening we worship with William at 7:30 pm.

Core52 Small Groups
If you want to participate in a Core52 virtual discussion group, we have 9 online groups. Email office@cccnyc.org to let us know of your interest and we will find a group for you.

We want to pray for youClick here to let us know how. Please call if you need to talk (212 875-8621).

Over all the CCC family has been great with their giving. However, we are experiencing a summer slump. If you have gotten behind or just forgotten to give, you can catch up. 

You can give online by clicking here, by texting any dollar amount to 84321, or mailing a check to the address below. If you have not given before and send a text to 84321, you will be be sent a quick, self-guided set up process which will make it easy to give by sending a text in the future.

Our mailing address is:
Community Christian Church
210 East 117th Street 
New York, NY 10035