Reopening Survey. Updated Weekday Online Schedule.

Reopening Survey. Updated Weekday Online Schedule.

Dear CCC Family,

On Monday, July 6, New York City is scheduled to enter phase 3 of the reopening. At phase 2 and 3 churches are allowed to meet as long as the guidelines below are followed.

  • Services are held in one room within a building, and the congregant/attendee capacity must be limited to 25% of the maximum occupancy for that room. 
  • All attendees must maintain 6 feet of social distancing and wear masks.

Schools will not be available to churches, but Community Christian Church could begin meeting at our building for in person services. Here is what that would be mean.

  • Seating would be limited. Because the meeting room is small and can only be occupied at 25% capacity, we would only be able to accommodate 20-25 people at each service depending on the mix of individuals and families.
  • Reservations would be required to avoid turning people people away due to lack of seating.
  • Separate children’s classes would not be available or possible during this phase.

To guide us in deciding when to resume, we are asking you to complete a survey. Please click here to complete the survey. We will use your input in making decisions about reopening.

This week we will read chapter four of Core52. The chapters can be read in any order so it is never too late to start reading with us. Go to for more details.

Keep looking up. Jesus is always there.


Three Sunday Online Gathering Options
– 10:00am
– 11:00am Facebook or YouTube
– 11:30am

Invite someone to watch our Sunday gathering with you. It is a lot easier than inviting them to join you in person on a Sunday. They don’t have to leave home and they can wear their pajamas. Go here on Facebook. Then, share the post on your timeline or send it to a friend.

Weekday Online Schedule
We meet online for morning devotions Monday through Friday at 7:30 am. On Wednesday evening we worship with William at 7:30 pm.

Core52 Small Groups
As much as you will get by reading the book, Core 52, you will get even more if you will meet weekly with others to discuss it in a Core52 small group. Let me encourage you to participate in one of the groups. They will meet for an hour each week to discuss the reading. We are asking you to be part of a group for five weeks to see how you like it. We will be using Zoom, a video conferencing platform that is easy to use. It is available for your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Because meeting virtually is different from meeting in person, we want to keep the groups small, 4-5 screens. We have 4 existing groups that are full, but we are adding more. Check out the list of groups below and email the day of the one you would like to join to It will only be for five weeks to start. Because they are online groups, you will need choose one so we can send you a link to the meeting. The Friday night group will be a little different. It will be an open larger group to start the meeting, but the meeting will later break out into smaller rooms for discussion if needed. You can attend by clicking the link below. I would encourage you to join one of the other groups. Attend the Friday group only if that is the best night for you or if you want to check out what it is like rather than committing to a group.

  • Tuesday Night @ 8:000 pm with Russell Kraft
  • Thursday Night @ 7:30 pm with Crystal Astrachan
  • Friday Night @ 7:30 pm with Jeff Butler (
  • Sunday Morning @ 9 am with John Dyke

We want to pray for youClick here to let us know how. Please call if you need to talk (212 875-8621).

Although we are not meeting at the school, we still have expenses including a mortgage payment. Your continued giving to God through Community Christian Church is still needed and important.

You can give online by clicking here, by texting any dollar amount to 84321, or mailing a check to the address below. If you have not given before and send a text to 84321, you will be be sent a quick, self-guided set up process which will make it easy to give by sending a text in the future.

Our mailing address is:
Community Christian Church
210 East 117th Street 
New York, NY 10035