Sermons on 1 Samuel

Sermons on 1 Samuel


“Shame involves complete self-condemnation. It is a major attack against the self in which the individual believes they will be found utterly unacceptable by society. As a result of its overwhelming force, shame causes feelings of disgrace and dishonor. A person who feels shame wants to hide from everyone.” – Dr. Allan Schwartz Shame Grows in the Dark But God Gives Us LightShame Blinds Us But God Gives Us SightShame Isolated Us But God Restores Our Relationships Series Summary: The…


In 1 Samuel 17:28-37, David didn’t go bother to be bitter and letting himself down on things said to him but rather he keep his faith and surrender his strength back to God to defeat Goliath. Bitterness in Spirit, or in life, is one of the inner biggest challenges that we face to remain faithful to God, to not to be discourage, or to not to give up, and causes in our heart that roots all other troubles. Here we…

OVERCOME YOUR INNER ENEMIES – Series (1 Samuel 17:32-50)

We overcome our enemies when God is with us. When will look at the physical battle between David and Goliath, we might give too much credit to David’s skill with the sling and stone and miss the key to his success. It was that God was with him. Success comes when God is with us and God is with us when we like David are people after God’s heart. Series Summary: The shepherd boy, David, defeating the the giant, champion…
The Story Sermon Series

The Story Ch 11: From Shepherd to King

David’s life teaches us many valuable lessons. First, God looks at our heart while people look at our external appearance. Second, to overcome problems, we should focus not on the problem or ourselves, but on God.
The Story Sermon Series

The Story Ch 10: Standing Tall, Falling Hard

In 1 Samuel 1-15, the Israelites wanted a king and rejected God. God gave them what they wanted and Saul ruled over them. Ultimately, Saul’s leadership enslaved and failed them. The lesson is that we should let God be the king of our lives.