Jesus Lord of All

Jesus Lord of All

In this series, we evaluated the Lordship of Jesus. One meaning of “Lord” is owner. Thus, to say Jesus is my Lord is to say Jesus is my owner. Can you think of having a better owner than Jesus? No one else is so loving, wise, strong, or reliable. Join us as we further explore what it means for Jesus to be Lord, our Lord.

Where do we neglect making Jesus Lord?

We tend to neglect Jesus not in our behavior or character, but in our mission. We should be passionate about Jesus’ mission (Luke 19:10). Jesus’ mission and our mission is to find those who are lost; rather than avoiding them, we must go to them.

Lord of All

Jesus is Lord of all people. It is better to acknowledge Jesus is Lord willingly and early. Jesus is the Lord of all life and all of our lives. We discuss how the Lordship of Jesus grows in our lives. There is no better Lord for our lives than Jesus.

Jesus is Lord: Part I

In making forgiveness big, we forget about repentance. Jesus is first Lord, the savior. Jesus is savior because he is Lord. The lordship of Jesus is good news, since he is a loving lord and we need to trust him.