Meet the God of Second Chances

Meet the God of Second Chances

The God of Second Chances: God is Light

God is light. See 1 John 1:5 – 10. Light is truth. He has enabled us to see what the truth is like. Walking in this light with God should be our habitual way of living, but we all fall short and need God’s forgiveness.

The God of Second Chances: Those who fall get up

Peter was one of the first chosen to be an apostle and he spent more time with Jesus than other people. He needed a second chance because he disowned Jesus in Matthew 26:31-35; 26:69-75. Even when we fall, we can recover. Peter denied knowing Christ. He needed and got a second chance. Peter recovered and he preached the first sermon at the Pentecost.

The God of Second Chances: The humble get second chances.

Even the greatest of genuine believers can do very bad things and need second chances. David committed adultery and was a murderer. He needed a second chance. God sent David a messenger, David realized that he had sinned and God took away his sin. In every human heart, there’s the potential to do very bad things. This is why everyone needs second chances.