Sermons on Easter

Sermons on Easter

The King Comes

This is a special time of year to remind everyone that Christ choose this way and died for us because God loves us and only Jesus can redeem us. In this message, we look at what Jesus came to earth to claim for as the promised King, four responses to the claim of Jesus, and the results of Christ claim.

Easter for Everyone: Why, Who, and How

Easter is a special time of year to remind everyone that we are welcome home into God’s family. In this message, we look at why Jesus came to earth, who Jesus came for, and different ways for how we can respond. Luke 19:1-10 tells us that Jesus came to seek and rescue lost people, while Matthew 9:9-13 tells us that Jesus came for everyone – especially imperfect, damaged, and unreligious people. And our response can be hostile, shallow enthusiasm, apathy,…

Easter 2016: Empty but Full

When the tomb was full with Jesus’ dead body, people were full of doubt concerning Jesus’ ability to redeem people. See Luke 24:19b – 21. But this doubt was replaced with faith for many when he was resurrected.

Palm Sunday 2016

Mark 11:1 – 11 explains the story behind Palm Sunday, which is also called the “Triumphal Entry” because people thought Jesus would conquer the Romans and they would be finished. Jesus’ entry in this manner was the fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9. “Triumphal” was the right description for his entry, but for the wrong reason. Jesus’ entry was that of a king, but not to conquer by force, rather an entry of love, grace and mercy. It was a kingdom of…

Palm Sunday – The King Has Come

The day we call Palm Sunday, or the Triumphal Entry of Jesus, was a day of much excitement. Read Luke 19:29 – 40. Luke 19:38a states “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord.” People were very happy because they were welcoming a new king. Why were they so excited about a king coming to town?
He has risen.

Easter 2014: Discover God’s better ending to your story

The story of Jesus starts off well. On Friday, the story has a bad ending when Jesus is crucified. On Sunday, God gave the story a better ending when Jesus is risen (Matthew 28:1-8). Just like Jesus’ story, our story has a lot of hardships and sad endings. But it is not over. God takes bad endings and brings happy endings. Easter means our stories are never over. If there’s a bad ending, there is room for a sequel. God…
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