Sermons on Leadership

Sermons on Leadership

Made to Grow

Made to Grow: Part V

An examination of Mark 10:32-45 shows that Jesus’ followers wanted to be rulers. Their plans mattered to them above all else and they saw Jesus as a ticket to these things. However, Jesus shows us that we are not measured by how many serve us, but by how many we serve. We are all leaders. Leaders influence other people. Use your influence for good, for God. All leaders, no matter how small the role, are important. Leaders are called to…

Leaders in the Church

The most mentioned leader in the local church is the elder. There were three different words used for “elder” in the New Testament: 1) elder 2) shepherd (called a “pastor” today) and 2) overseer (called a “bishop” today). Elders are the leaders of a local church who are responsible to care for the congregation so that God’s work is accomplished through its members.