Sermons on Resurrection

Sermons on Resurrection


1. Understanding our human condition. A. We are created in the image of God and made to be with him. B. We are corrupted by sin and separated from God. C. We have another identity.2. Jesus redeems us. A. Jesus forgives us. B. Jesus frees us. C. Jesus gives us a new identity.3. We overcome by living what Christ has done for us. A. We receive the new birth. B. We claim our new identity. C. We live by the…

The King Comes

This is a special time of year to remind everyone that Christ choose this way and died for us because God loves us and only Jesus can redeem us. In this message, we look at what Jesus came to earth to claim for as the promised King, four responses to the claim of Jesus, and the results of Christ claim.
Left Behind?

Heaven, Hell, and the End of the World, Part 6

When Jesus comes back, there will be a bodily resurrection. The resurrection is not simply a reviving of the body, reincarnation, or death. It is a new bodily life after a period of death. Why is there going to be a resurrection? God created us to have a physical existence. In Genesis, after he created us, God said that his physical creation was “very good”. We are a union of body and soul. Our intermediate state in Heaven, a bodiless…
He has risen.

Easter 2014: Discover God’s better ending to your story

The story of Jesus starts off well. On Friday, the story has a bad ending when Jesus is crucified. On Sunday, God gave the story a better ending when Jesus is risen (Matthew 28:1-8). Just like Jesus’ story, our story has a lot of hardships and sad endings. But it is not over. God takes bad endings and brings happy endings. Easter means our stories are never over. If there’s a bad ending, there is room for a sequel. God…
The Story Sermon Series

The Story Ch 27: The Resurrection

The resurrection is an historical claim. There are two facts no one doubts: 1. Jesus existed; 2. The Christian faith was launched by those who were convinced that he rose from the dead. The evidence and the significance of the resurrection are discussed.

Resurrection Sunday

It’s resurrection Sunday! So what? While 78 percent of Americans believe that Jesus was raised from the dead, we know that not everyone who believes this fact devotes their lives to Jesus. There’s a “what” and then there’s a “so what”. The what is believing the fact; the “so what” is what we choose to do with this information to impact our lives. There’s a Friday story of Jesus’ betrayal, rejection, shame, death, and defeat. Then, there’s the Sunday story…