Made to Grow: Part V

Made to Grow: Part V

An examination of Mark 10:32-45 shows that Jesus’ followers wanted to be rulers. Their plans mattered to them above all else and they saw Jesus as a ticket to these things. However, Jesus shows us that we are not measured by how many serve us, but by how many we serve.

We are all leaders. Leaders influence other people. Use your influence for good, for God. All leaders, no matter how small the role, are important. Leaders are called to be servants, as we see in Galatians 5:16 and 1 Peter 4:10. Even leaders like Jesus was called to serve (Mark 10:43-44).

Servants are people who use their resources wisely to help others. Servants make a difference. They get remembered positively. They are rewarded by God (Matthew 6:1-6); they might not get their rewards now, but how much better will it be to be rewarded by God than by people now?

The church and the world need more servant leaders. Servant leaders take responsibility – they go from being consumers to producers. Servant leaders develop their skills. The best leaders are perpetual students; they have a thirst for knowledge. Servant leaders expect and accept difficulties. The presence of difficulties is not a sign that you are not doing a great job, on the contrary. If everyone is happy, then you might not be doing your job as a leader, since change sometimes comes with friction. Finally, servant leaders are the hope of the world.

Conclusion: Will you be a servant leader?