Made to Grow Part VI. We grow through generosity.

Made to Grow Part VI. We grow through generosity.

We should not just give to be blessed and to receive more, for blessed are the poor as we learn in Luke 6:20. And the rich have already received their reward as mentioned in Luke 6:24. Our rewards are not always here on Earth, for the treasures on Earth will pass away.

To be generous means that we give better and more than required. This is not just with our money and ambition, but also relationally. To be generous relationally means that we love our enemies, we don’t judge negatively, and we expect the best from others.

Being generous also requires giving in a way that costs us something. It costs us to love our enemies because our pride takes a hit. And our financial giving should be sacrificial, as the widow’s offering in Luke 21:1-4.

Being generous also means that we give even when there is no immediate reward. As mentioned in Luke 6:30-36, we should not approach giving with selfishness, expecting to get something back in return.

We should be generous because it is more blessed to given than to receive. To be blessed is to have joy or the potential for it. Joy is an abiding sense and expectation of happiness because of one’s relationship with God. Joy is deep down inside of us and is not circumstantial.

When we are generous, we show that we are part of God’s family. When we give, our reward will be great. It is God who determines when we get our reward and it’s not always immediate.

There are several areas of generosity.

Relational generosity: Those who are relationally generous given acceptance freely. They forgive quickly and without punishment. They give their time.

Emotional generosity: Those who are emotionally generous give empathy instead of trying to fix someone.

Spiritual generosity: The spiritually generous are concerned about those who are far from God. They take the initiative to speak about God. They teach and encourage those new to the faith.

Material generosity: This usually comes naturally after relational, emotional, and spiritual generosity.