Service Canceled on Sunday, January 20

Service Canceled on Sunday, January 20

Dear CCC Family,

The worship service and all activities are canceled for this Sunday, January 20. The wintery mix of snow, rain, sleet, and freezing rain that is predicted will make travel unsafe. Meeting at a school requires a lot of set up. Most of the people who do that travel the farthest whether by foot or by car. For their safety and that of everyone who attends Community Christian Church, we are canceling. Although it is possible the forecast will change, it is better to be safe and cancel early so everyone can get the message. If we were in our own building and did not have to deal with all the set up, it might be different.

You can use this Sunday to listen to past messages that you may have missed at our church’s  website. Click here to go the past messages page.

See you next Sunday, January 27th.


PS Pass the word on to others that might not have email that we are canceling this Sunday.

The Tuesday Night Small Group Bible Not Meeting This Week
The Tuesday night Bible study at Crystals, 1309 Fifth Avenue, at 7:15 pm will not meet this week, but will resume on January 29.

Donor Contribution Statements
Charitable contribution statements will be available on Sunday, January 27. They will then be mailed to those who did not pick them. If you do not receive one and want one, contact the church office.

Annual Congregational Meeting
Our annual congregational meeting is on Sunday, February 10, at 12:45 pm. We will affirm elders and trustees,  vote on a statement of faith and amendments to our bylaws, review last year, and discuss future plans.

Upgrade Church Membership
Times have changed. Our church needs to do things differently because of the changing cultural and legal landscape. Although God’s Word does not change, how we apply it does. With that in mind, the elders are proposing some changes. 1) CCC will adopt a statement of faith. 2) To be a member, one needs to agree with and accept the statement of faith. 3) Attending a membership class that explains that statement will become a requirement to be a member at CCC. The church bylaws will be amended to reflect this and those changes will be voted on at the annual congregational meeting on February 10th. Copies of the proposed Statement of Faith and amended bylaws will be available Sunday, January 27.

Join the Team! Membership Class
Changes in our culture and country mean that it is important for churches to clearly teach what they believe and practice. CCC will do this by offering the Join the Team! Membership Class on Sundays. The five session class is offered before and after the worship service. You are encouraged to attend all of them in person. However, they will be recorded, so if you miss some you can listen to them. The class before the service will start at 9:30 am and the one after will be at 12:30 pm. Childcare is provide for the 9:30 am class. This will be the only Adult Bible Fellowship offered at the start of the year.

The Tenth St Church of Christ will have their annual Singspiration on Saturday, January 26, from 1:00-3:30 pm. There will be a fellowship meal afterwards. If you would like to participate in the service by singing or playing an instrument, contact Keith Canton at (212) 228-4837. The church meets at 257 East Tenth Street.

Revitalization Task Force
CCC has had many good years and our best years are ahead. To make sure we accomplish all God has for us, we are putting together a Revitalization Task Force. The RTF will guide us in making improvements to our church. If you are interested in being on the RTF, circle the “R” at the bottom of your Communication Card on Sunday and place it in the offering bag or email to express your interest.

Volunteer and Leader Training
Some volunteer and some lead. All need training and VALT will provide that. This is especially important as we raise up future leaders and elders. Watch for details.

Upcoming Events
February 10 – Annual Congregational Meeting
February 24 – 40 Days of Prayer Series starts.

Visit for volunteer schedules, prayer list, & statistics.

To give a donate online go to