Success! Cooler!

Success! Cooler!

Dear CCC Family,

Success! Our first Sunday at Public School 96 was a success. Thank you to those that worked hard to make it a success, especially the worship team. It was a hot day, one degree below a record. Given the fact that it will have been one of the hottest days of the summer, it wasn’t too bad. It will be 15 degrees cooler this Sunday. Plus, we will have more fans. There is no success without some stress. Fortunately, I think I was the most stressed one. I apologize for that. 

There will be some changes because things will have to be different meeting in a school. Your input is always welcome and your cooperation and understanding of needed changes is appreciated.

The summer will be a time of regrouping and getting organized for a great fall.

See you Sunday.


Guest Speaker – Greg Stokes
Greg Stokes will be speaking for us on Sunday, July 15. Jeff will be there, but will be taking a break from speaking to focus on other things.

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Fellowships
Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) will be taking a break for a few weeks.

Future Events
July 15 – Greg Stokes, Guest Speaker
August 3 – Greg Stokes, Guest Speaker
August 24-26 – Church Retreat

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