Success! I’ve been grumpy, but you have been . . .

Success! I’ve been grumpy, but you have been . . .

Dear CCC Family,

Success! The plans for the renovation of 210 East 117th Street have been filed and approved. With detailed plans in place, we are getting permits, estimates, and, Lord willing, work will start soon. Please continue to pray for the renovation.

Thank you to all the communion servers for staying for the meeting last Sunday and to Bob Harvey for leading it.  This week the greeters are meeting at 9:30 am before the service.

I have to admit that I have been grumpy lately. The details, the work, and the rush involved in making the move has been somewhat overwhelming. I have been grumpy, but you have been great. You have had a great attitude about the move and been very supportive and cooperative.  People have come early and helped. Dido, Lucy, and Crystal have been superstars arriving extra early and staying late to make sure things get set up and taken down. Thanks!

See you Sunday,


Greeters Meeting
There will be a meeting for all our greeters this Sunday, July 22, at 9:30 am. Crystal Astrachan is coordinating the greeters.

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Fellowships
Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) will be taking a break for a few weeks.

Future Events
August 3 – Greg Stokes, Guest Speaker
August 24-26 – Church Retreat
September 16 – Outreach Sunday – You Belong Here!

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