We are blessed! I was encouraged!

We are blessed! I was encouraged!

Dear CCC Family,

I spent this morning at our building with the construction teams. Rafael who is serving as our general supervisor/contractor, the electrical contractor, the plumbing contractor, and the construction contractor. Rafael’s leadership is saving us not thousands of dollars, not tens of thousands of dollars, but hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Be sure to thank him whenever you see him! All the contractors I met with are going out of their way to accommodate us and charge as little as possible. To do that  they will work us around their other jobs. Overall it will take longer to complete the project, but the cost saving will be more than worth it. They all have such great attitudes about doing this work for us and God. Our time together reminded me once again just how big of a project this is. There are so many details and so much has to be coordinated among the architect, contractors, the NYC Department of Buildings, the water department, and Con Ed. It is amazing a church of our size is doing this. We are blessed!  Permits have been issued and demolish work will start on August 6. Continue to pray for the project and all the people involved. 

We had a great attendance at the greeters team meeting last Sunday. Almost everyone was able to attend the meeting even though it was early. I was encouraged by their presence and their enthusiasm to serve. We have a great group fo people. Each week it is running smoother at the school. 

See you Sunday,


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