We Broke the Internet! Prayer Tonight! Mornings at 7:30am.

We Broke the Internet! Prayer Tonight! Mornings at 7:30am.

Dear CCC Family,

We broke the internet! Not really, but who would have thought the church would be so big online that it caused technical problems impacting all the internet. Go church!!! We weren’t the only church that had problems on Facebook, though some did not. Fortunately, we were able to switch over to YouTube. We are looking at different options for this Sunday. We will keep update.

We almost broke John’s laptop too! When we realized we would have to record it rather than do it live, John volunteered to be the editor. That was a big commitment since he had little or no experience doing that. He found out just how big as he got into. Video editing really requires a more powerful computer than either John or I have. Though he could not get everything he wanted in the video due to computer problems, he stayed up all night to get it done for us. Thanks, John!You did a great job! We are looking into other ways to edit for this coming Sunday.

We made progress last Sunday and it will get better next Sunday. Below you will find this weeks evening Facebook Live schedule. I will start doing a live devotional thought and prayer every morning at 7:30am. It will be shorter than our evening gathering, but encouraging as you start your day.

God is faithful and good so you be faithful too!


PS A big thank you to those who have started using online giving and to those who have mailed their tithes and offerings in. It is greatly appreciated.

Community Christian Church
210 East 117th Street
New York, NY 10035

Facebook Schedule
We will continue to use Facebook Live during the week. connected. Join us tonight, Monday, on Facebook at 7:30pm for prayer. You do not need to have a Facebook account to join us. Just go to facebook.com/cccnyc by typing that into your browser or by clicking here. You will need to scroll down to find the current live event.

Monday – March 23 @ 7:30pm – Prayer with Jeff Butler

Wednesday – March 25 @ 7:30pm – Singing with William Gomez

Friday – March 27 @ 7:30p – Prayer with John Price

RightNow! Media – Free Gift
Those who attend Community Christian Church should have received an email invitation to RightNow Media. If you didn’t, check your spam mail. If it is not there, let me know and we will resend the invitation to you. You can check out the online options by clicking here.