Welcome from Minister Jeff Butler

Welcome from Minister Jeff Butler

Minister Jeff ButlerWelcome to Community Christian Church of New York City!

CCC is a diverse church, just like New York City. We have a safe environment where everyone is welcomed, respected, and accepted as they are. People of many ethnicities, incomes, education, and employment gather together to worship God. We welcome the religious and the skeptical alike; the life-long church-goers and those finding their way back to God; those exploring Christianity for the first time and those who have been firm in their faith forever.

We come together to support and care about each other. At CCC, you will meet people just like you. We are real people who deal with all the same issues you face. We aren’t perfect and don’t pretend to be. However, we have found help with life’s struggles by drawing closer to God and one another.

It is our belief that attending church should be an enjoyable, uplifting and meaningful experience that will encourage you to develop a closer relationship with God and other members. As such, our services feature uplifting worship music and practical teaching. We make the Word of God relevant to today’s life and easy to understand. Our classes and small groups provide the environment in which community is experienced.

We say that Community Christian Church is “a place for you.” It is a place for you to grow closer to Jesus Christ, find true happiness, find good friends, and to make a difference in the world through service. It is a place for you to find practical support in coping with everyday problems, raising children, dealing with work stress, overcoming health challenges, and breaking addictions.

Please join us for service on Sunday and stay for refreshments, fellowship, and classes.

In Christ,

Jeff Butler
Founding Minister
Community Christian Church of New York City