Community Christian Church of NYC

The church has left the building. Join us online on Sunday and during the week.

A church that looks like NYC

Community Christian Church is a multiethnic non-denominational church in East Harlem where you will meet people just like you. We are real people who deal with all the same issues you face. We aren’t perfect and don’t pretend to be. However, we have found help by drawing closer to Jesus and developing a closer relationships with one another.

Worship & Learn

Our worship is designed to point you to Jesus. The uplifting music features contemporary Christian music mixed with Gospel and traditional hymns.

Our messages take the deep truths of The Bible and explain them in a clear and inspiring manner that is relevant for your life today.

Are you new here?

We welcome you to visit on Sunday. Community Christian Church is a place for you. Read our pastor’s welcome message.

Recent Messages


1. Understanding our human condition. A. We are created in the image of God and made to be with him. B. We are corrupted by sin and separated from God. C. We have another identity.2. Jesus redeems us. A. Jesus forgives us. B. Jesus frees us. C. Jesus gives us a new identity.3. We overcome by living what Christ has done for us. A. We receive the new birth. B. We claim our new identity. C. We live by the…


In 1 Samuel 17:28-37, David didn’t go bother to be bitter and letting himself down on things said to him but rather he keep his faith and surrender his strength back to God to defeat Goliath. Bitterness in Spirit, or in life, is one of the inner biggest challenges that we face to remain faithful to God, to not to be discourage, or to not to give up, and causes in our heart that roots all other troubles. Here we…


Depression is an unavoidable part of life. For some it only visits briefly. While for others it seems to be a permanent resident. Often there is a biological component to ongoing depression. Even when drugs are appropriately used to help, turning to putting our hope is God is a key to overcoming depression. Series Summary: The shepherd boy, David, defeating the the giant, champion warrior, Goliath was one of the greatest victories in history. David defeated his enemy with a…

Traducción español

The service is conducted in English. Live Spanish-language translation of the message is provided via headsets for those who prefer listening in Spanish.

Nuestros servicios son en inglés. Una traducción en vivo del mensaje es disponible por audífonos para los que prefieren escuchar en español.