Community Christian Church of NYC

Join us this Sunday at 10:45 AM for a Reunion Sunday combined Worship Service

A Place for You in NYC

Community Christian Church is a multiethnic non-denominational church in Harlem on the northeastern corner of Central Park. Our services reflect our belief that attending church should be an enjoyable, uplifting and meaningful experience that encourages you to develop a closer relationship with Jesus.

Location Details

5 West 110th Street, New York, NY

New Message Series: Daring Faith

Starting on May 6th, we will have a new teaching series called “Daring Faith”.

This teaching series will help us grow spiritually as individuals and as a church. By learning what it means to have a bold, unshakable faith that gives us the courage to overcome the challenges and giants we face and the strength to impact the world around us.

Recent Messages

Can You Relate? Building Healthy Relationships with Friends and Family

We continue our series this week all about relationships.  In this lesson, we learn that conflict is inevitable, and as Christians we have the responsbility to be peacemakers.  Part 1 of 2, we discuss in depth the first two steps to take in order to become a peacemaker – Prepare and Meet – by using the books of James, Matthew, and Ephesians.

Can You Relate? Building Healthy Relationships with Friends and Family

We start a new series this week all about relationships. Although they are hard to do well, we learn how healthy relationships are critical to having a healthy life (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually). And despite the fact we are flawed, we are called to – and able to – have healthy relationships with both God and others.

Are you new here?

We welcome you to visit on Sunday. Community Christian Church is a place for you. Read our pastor’s welcome message.